jeudi 28 février 2008


those are designs I didn t do while not working on "bee movie" because no one asked me to work on it. It was a great moment in my life... ( those characters weren' t rejected, so you won't see them on the movie )

vendredi 22 février 2008

I m an artist....for sure....

and I always have an hidden message in all my drawings must look over the rainbow...
( be patient...)

mardi 12 février 2008

memory not sketche

this memory not sketche about this guy at le laundromat ....

jeudi 7 février 2008

another memory sketche

this memory sketche is about a guy with his children I met at supermarket yesterday
I remember him well, because I ve noticed thar he wasn t use to do shopping...

mercredi 6 février 2008


Lazy is a town in Zawiercie County, Silesian Voivideship, Poland, with 7,242 inhabitants (2004).
( source wikipedia )

lundi 4 février 2008

arabian NIIIIIIIGHT....

I have no special intereting things to say, so :
" The perfection of art,
Is to conceal art."

samedi 2 février 2008

P of the A

here is a illustration inspired by a great story ....
(you see Michel, I did it...)

and here is a basic step process rough, clean , color