mercredi 16 décembre 2015

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mardi 13 novembre 2012


Attention, second post de l'année !

J'ai eu le plaisir de faire le visuel du jeu Mirogolo! Principe simple : faire deviner des mots en les dessinant avec des lunettes déformantes. C'est plutôt " mirogolo" ( huhu) et le jeu a eu le grand prix du jeu enfant 2012 ! C'est pas rien !
Je suis vraiment fier d'avoir fait une boite de jeu que les enfants auront en souvenir quand ils deviendront vieux comme moi ! Merci à Bruno de chez Goliath de m'avoir proposé de travailler sur ce beau projet!
Voici donc une photo du jeu en vrai, ainsi qu'une preview de mon illustration pour la boite. J’avais aussi fait une version qui mettait le père de famille en avant, mais cette version s'est avérée peu concluante.
Vous trouverez bien sur le jeu en vente un peu partout, dans les bonnes épiceries !

Here are the illustrations I did for a board game called " Mirogolo" ( "Goggle Eyes" in english I think).
I 'm really proud to have participated on illustrating a board game. simple rules : try to draw something with deforming glasses ! It's quite fun for kids.
here are previews from the illustration I did, one with the kid in front and one rejected with the father ! I'm not sure if the game is available in english ... well, learn french !

mardi 7 février 2012

Eat Fruits and Vegetables !

Well, here is one of my two year's post !
I made this 2 years ago, and it was used to decorate children school's cantina.
I'm proud to have some of my work in school because I remember myself when I was a child ( blablabla..), when I saw drawings on the wall, it was ancher in my head and helped me reached my purpose...

mercredi 6 avril 2011

Under the snow...

Here is my contribution to Sebastien Mesnard exposition about Edward scissorhands. It wasn't easy to do, I m not used about real painting but I've tried the best I can !

lundi 10 janvier 2011

Brush brush brush !!!

Here are some attempts I did , trying to color in a different way on photoshop, more" painting" look-like. It was a great discovering for me. Those are my first steps with th is technic, I ll try to improve on future drawings.

dimanche 10 octobre 2010


First post in 2010 !!! Yeah ! After 10 months I 'm back. And I will start with character designs I did for the show I'm currently working on. It's called "Sherlock Yack " and it ' s about a zoo detective.

You 've probably noticed that the characters' names are quite easy to remember...
I hope you 'll apreciate. More to come soon !

jeudi 26 novembre 2009 Clark !

Here are some " photos" I did for the show I m working on : "Commandant Clark", based on character designs from the famous Miss Aurore Damant .

dimanche 25 octobre 2009

It don 't matter if you re black and white

some of the kids color drawings I did . Maybe I will color them.