mardi 7 février 2012

Eat Fruits and Vegetables !

Well, here is one of my two year's post !
I made this 2 years ago, and it was used to decorate children school's cantina.
I'm proud to have some of my work in school because I remember myself when I was a child ( blablabla..), when I saw drawings on the wall, it was ancher in my head and helped me reached my purpose...

16 commentaires:

Céline a dit…

J'adore les p'tits marrons dans leur bogue^^

Bryst a dit…

Mais ouais là, mais ouais. Beaux fruits quoi.

Vincent a dit…

Ahmed... c'est MIGNON TOUT PLEIN.

pakoto a dit…

this is amazing Ahmed!

Aurore Damant a dit…

Han les chataignes!! J'avais pas vu celles-là ♥

Emmanuel Briand a dit…

salut ahmed plein de belles choses ici ! bravo

An Gelo a dit…

very nice art

Sarah Elisa a dit…

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El Taufan a dit…

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