dimanche 25 octobre 2009

It don 't matter if you re black and white

some of the kids color drawings I did . Maybe I will color them.

11 commentaires:

hadi tabasi a dit…

i love your works
very fantastic

Oscar Rosales a dit…

What a great blog! your designs are excellent!


C'est super, Ahmed! Mais tu pourrais pas faire le trait noir un peu moins gros? ça devrait pas te prendre trop de temps, merci!


victoriaying a dit…

I love these!

Jeff Harter a dit…

Hey, great work here! Love your characters!

Cale Atkinson a dit…

Awesome stuff you got in this blog!
I really enjoyed checking out your work! Great style and characters

Anonyme a dit…

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Derick Brooks a dit…

Sweet drawings, love it man.

Tien La a dit…

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Ahmed Hamdy a dit…

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Rayanaly a dit…

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